Creating an environment for meaningful jobs to flourish

I know what it's like to have family members look for work, which has driven my approach to delivering results. When we hire  more women, veterans and minorities to infrastructure projects it does not just secure growth, it opens doors for the next generation. I will take this innovative approach to Washington as your next Congressman from the 13th District.

Developing Equitable Communities

Since tasking office, I have authored and voted for policies to make our communities stronger by helping veterans get a fast track to housing, investing in our children's healthy eating, and protecting our seniors opportunity to retire with dignity. This campaign is about all of us having a fair chance to thrive in the communities we love. 

21st Century Public Safety and Transportation

In addition to serving as State Senator, I am a trained and well practiced Urban Planner. Together we can continue to revitalize our neighborhoods via 21st century public safety and transportation for Detroit and Wayne County. As your U.S. Representative, I will make clear the needs of hard-working Michigan families.